“O” Litter Four Weeks Old and Spring Training

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All of the “O” Litter puppies are spoken for at this time, please e-mail bluestemkennels@gmail.com to be placed on a list in case of a last minute backout.
The four week old “O” Litter puppies are enjoying the outdoors more and more as the weather warms up.  They are in the transition to solid kibble and not quite ready to leave the dog house and kennel.  Next week they will start to show interest in roaming the yard.
Here is the weekly video of them: https://youtu.be/tt2LIbWpDYI
Their four week photos:
Just this afternoon we took our other dogs: Zoro 10 weeks, Ruth 15 months (and the sister of the above litter), and Chief 2 years all out to the pond for some retrieving work.  At least Ruth and Chief, Zoro primarily watched.
Ruth, 15 mo old sister of the “O” Litter
Chief, sire of the “O” litter

Chief wanted to retrieve both bumpers at once

Stonyridge Zoro at 10 weeks



Happy training everyone!

“N” Litter Homegoings and “O” Litter Three Weeks

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The “N” Litter is all in their new homes!  I missed a couple of photos in the process, sorry to BJ from Tennessee who took home Norman and Robert from Oklahoma who took home Nichole for spacing that off!!  Here is everyone else:


Rick from Virginia flew Nicholas back to his new home


Alan from Missouri takes home Namaste


Paul and his wife take Nellie home to Texas


Jayce and Noah on their way home to Iowa.  This is Jayce’s second Bluestem pup.


Eric and his wife took Nefertiti to the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Lori took Newman across town to West Omaha.  This is her second Bluestem pup.


Scott and his gal took Nettie home to Missouri

I hope that everyone does great with their new pups!  We are having the same experiences too with our own new little one, Stonyridge Zoro.  My husband Charles and son Conrad went and picked him up in Wisconsin the same day that the “N” Litter started to go home.  The slideshow play or you can flip through the photos manually.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And what all of the new “O” litter owners have been waiting for, new photos of their little ones!  They are just over three weeks old and will be ready to go home May 19-20.  They are all spoken for at this time, but feel free to drop a quick note to bluestemkennels@gmail.com to be placed on the contact list in the event that someone drops out.  Here is a video that I took of them in the whelping box having some breakfast: https://youtu.be/TipjqY9YSQ0

You can click on the photos in the mosaic below to see them full size.  The pups are currently eating canned food and are up on their legs more.  Depending on how the weather goes, they will be able to move into the outdoor kennel within the next week to week and a half.  Also in that time, we will transition from canned food to kibble.


“O” Litter at 2.5 weeks

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All of the puppies are spoken for at this time, please e-mail bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you wish to be placed on the contact list in the event that anyone backs out.  For those of you who have already emailed, please be patient for a response as we’ve been busy dog farming and not a lot of time for computers this last week.

We’ve had most of the “N” Litter go home and we’ve just welcomed a new pup, a little boy named Stonyridge Zoro to the family.  But those photos will all have to wait until later.  I also have some cute photos of the “N” Litter playing with a dead quail.  But I have to get these up for the new “O” Litter owners before they die from waiting.


































Speaking of these guys, on the move with their eyes open, it is time to get them started on some puppy mush today.  I had to do these photos indoors because we had a cold snap that hasn’t left yet (it is supposed to break tomorrow), but the 6 week stacked photos should be in the warm sunshine!  Looking forward to it.

Until next time then.


“N” and “O” Litter Updates

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At this time, all 2018 puppies are spoken for.  Please email bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you would like to be placed on the contact list in case anyone backs out.

This is where it all just gets sort of absurd.  Females who live together tend to cycle together.  So those of us who only breed for spring puppies due to fall hunting are very busy right now.  Right now the “N” Litter puppies are coming it at around 8-10 pounds, so it is like having a gang of small terriers to hang out with.  Then there’s the “O” Litter puppies, they are like hoagie buns with legs at a little under a week old.

Right now my life is kids and dogs.  I’m always messing with one or the other.  I have to make sure that “O” Litter mama Fire gets plenty of trips outside and is fed and watered at all times.  The big puppies want to run and play and eat and poop.  We have the run and play covered with the 3/4 acre fenced yard, but the food demands and sanitation needs seem to be never-ending.  The weekly process of de-worming is always a lightly organized wrestling match.

I’ll start with the “N” Litter photos at 7 weeks old!  We go for first shots, microchips and health exams on Wednesday.  It would probably take me an hour to label these with names my youngest son’s birthday party is in seven hours and I still need to spend time with these guys, frost and decorate a cake, wrap presents and clean my house.  So along with making a new video, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  But I wanted you guys to at least have some new still pics.


“O” Litter Photos

Not much going on in the whelping box but nursing, scooting around, squeaking and pooping.  They will be one week old on Saturday.


It is time to keep moving.  I’ll put together an “N” Litter video and try to label as many of those pictures as I can sometime tomorrow.  I should also do a puppy supplies and training materials post soon.  And of course, these guys need to carry around some dead birds.  Until then, enjoy these sweet little faces!

“N” Litter 6 weeks and waiting for “O”

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All of the “N” Litter puppies are spoken for and I am waiting for the whelping of the “O” Litter puppies prior to doing more interviews.  I currently have reservations for three females and two males on the “O” Litter and should know within a few days if I will have any puppies available to those who have submitted applications and expressed prior interest.  Once the puppies are whelped I will work through contacting everyone who has applied or e-mailed previously.  Thank you for your patience, there is so much manual labor that goes into my kennel and household, I find it tough to manage the amount of email traffic that I receive.

Here are the six-week individual photos of the litter.  I am going to work on getting a new video posted between tomorrow and over the weekend, it just depends on how my schedule works out.  Please excuse some of the weird poses that these guys are in; six-week old puppies and an eight-year old boy are quite the combination.  Thank you to Caleb for posing the puppies (correctly most of the time).  If you look at the last video or wait for the new one, you’ll see that everyone has correct structure.

“N” Litter Males













Females of the “N” Litter



















Oh my goodness, those faces!!  I have the boys pretty much figured out who is going where.  I’m going to be evaluating the girl pups and working with the new owners over the next few days to figure out where we are with the girls.  I will have everyone’s homes figured out by Sunday night and will let the new owners know via e-mail, then confirming by updating this post with the location of the new home.

Waiting on the “O” Litter

I was finally able to snag a few of pictures of pregnant Fire.  She is due tomorrow and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to whelp right now.  I will update Facebook as soon as she begins whelping and with regular updates as to puppy numbers.

N Litter 5 Weeks Old!

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It has been kind of wet lately, so I haven’t had a chance to take stacked photos of these guys yet.  It looks like it is supposed to clear off on Wednesday, so I’ll get one of the kids recruited to pose the puppies on their six week birthday.  It is sooo hard to believe how soon they will be going to their new homes!

They are totally on solid kibble now and are drinking water from the dish too.  As you can see, they are really enjoying the spring weather and getting out to stretch their legs and play.

Our “O” Litter is right around the corner and they should be arriving later in the week!  I currently have five puppies reserved with deposits on the “O” Litter and several applications pending the arrival of the puppies.  I don’t want to sell more spots than I have puppies, so this is the easiest way to avoid that.

Here is the “N” litter running around with my boys in both photos and video: https://youtu.be/L1rAc65rncw


Peeking out


On the move


Checking out mom


With Conrad (13) and Caleb (8)


Having a chat about puppies


Running about

So look forward to those six week stacked shots later on in the week and probably a litter announcement not too far behind!!  Happy Spring!!

“N” Litter 4 Weeks

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The “N” Litter is about 4.5 weeks old now and if the weather would cooperate, they would be ready to move into the outdoor kennel.  It looks like it will be Wednesday when they can finally go out.  Right now they are eating Diamond puppy kibble mixed with soft food.  In another week or so I will cut the soft food altogether and just do dry kibble.

All of these puppies are spoken for and I have five deposits for Fire’s litter due at the end of March.  I have decided to wait until Fire whelps before doing any more interviews.  I prefer to sell puppies that I have rather than betting on puppies that I don’t have yet.  I don’t do X-rays or ultrasounds because that is just more dragging the female around and it really isn’t necessary.  What comes out is what comes out.  So I appreciate everyone’s patience who has submitted an application and we’ll see where we stand in a few weeks.

These guys have their eyes wide open, are walking around well and are almost climbing out of the whelping box.  They love to chew on each other and run around.  Here is the YouTube video for this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6KcR4CxRPQ&t=28s 

Here are a few still shots of the litter, I will get individual updated photos next time:






Here comes spring, I am looking forward to more daylight in the evenings to spend time in the yard with the dogs.

The same weekend that these guys start to go home, Charles and our son Conrad will go to Wisconsin to pick up a new male pup from Stonyridge Kennels.  We are excited and hope that the little guy turns out to be everything that we hope for him and help to influence our future breedings.

Enjoy the coming of the light tonight and I’ll check back in soon.

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