The “O” Litter is getting very active and spending most of their time running around and laying around the yard with the other dogs.  I have the whole week to spend with them this week to get them evaluated for their new homes.  I want to spend the next couple of days with them and then start talking to owners later this week.  Last week got away from me with getting ready for Ruth’s Natural Ability test when I wasn’t planning on it being such a time consuming thing (luckily, the work paid off).  Thank you to the new owners for their patience in waiting for me to be ready for all of this!  I will be more in touch this week to reconfirm travel plans.

If the pup is flying air cargo on Monday the 21st, today is the first day that I can book those flights.  Even though the air cargo shipment of pets has had some bad press lately, I have done it over twenty times without problems.  The top show dogs also fly from city to city, so dogs are moving more than you think every single day and one bad trip doesn’t sink the whole industry.  The dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows were shipped by train.  This has to be much better.

I’ll also send out a list of new puppy supplies soon.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I will share what I use specifically.  So here are the puppies (in no particular order, they are all up to this type of action these days)!








The little pups with 12 week old Zoro






One of the big dogs brought a sock out of the house.

Here is the video for this week:

I have other news to report, such as Ruth’s Natural Ability Test results, we have a new AKC Senior Hunter in the clan, and our “A” Litter just turned eight years-old, but I will post that news later in the week so that I can get these photos up for the new owners.  I also need to deworm the puppies and get on the phone with the airline before the kids get home from school, so I’ll check back in with everyone later on in the week.