“K” Litter all home and “L” Litter on their way out…

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Please note:  If you have e-mailed about future litters and have not yet gotten a response, I apologize.  I will be returning those e-mails after all of these pups have gone home, with the last of them leaving on the 30th.  So give me until the first week of August to get back to you.  I apologize for the delay, it is just a juggle with the kids home on summer break and all of these puppies and dogs to take care of.  Triage.

“K” Litter Homegoings

Here are some more photos of the “K” Litter homegoings.  So excited that they all found wonderful families!

Klaus went home with Brian and family to the Black Hills of Rapid City, South Dakota.  Their family likes to hunt the plains near Pierre.


Kato went home with Sue and her husband to Michigan.  They also have  a 5 year old rescue griff, who isn’t a hunter, so he’ll get all of the good jobs of chasing ruffed grouse and woodcock.


Kaden went home with Colin and his wife to be an army brat dog, currently residing in Colorado.  They are looking forward to checking out the bird hunting in eastern CO.


Konrad went to Holdrege, Nebraska with Bridgette and Marty.  They have lots of good upland and waterfowl hunting out that way, so I’ll be excited to see how they do!


Kennedy went to Kansas with Phil and Corinne.  Good quail hunting where they are at.


Karl went home to Central Iowa with Mert.  Pheasants have been hit pretty hard over there with the loss of habitat, but Mert is a member of Doc’s Hunt Club (where we held our field day for AWPGA National Specialty 2015).


Aaron and I will co-own Keri (now “Chewie”, short for Chewbacca.  All of our kids love Star Wars and the griff is known for looking like Chewbacca.  This pic was taken at Aaron’s place.)


And the last to go home was “Karma” who hopped a plane to San Diego to be with Shaun, while they wait for dad to get home from deployment.


“L” Litter Update at 7.5 Weeks

I have given up on trying to get any good action shots of the pups since the passing of my beloved Canon DSLR on our vacation. It is easier to just post a video.  So here it is: https://youtu.be/Ga_D5QCtsog

We go to the vet this afternoon for first shots and microchips.  They’ve had their final de-worming from me, I have all of the registration paperwork, and now it is just a matter of me putting the packets together once I get the shot records and the microchip information from the vet.  And of course, keeping them fed and cooled in the heat wave we have coming up over the next few days.  They begin going home on Saturday the 23rd and will all be home by the time the sun sets on Saturday the 30th.  One last big push, here we go!

“K” Litter 8 weeks and “L” Litter 6 weeks

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Sorry that I’ve been absent from posting, but we took a family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota (and Wyoming) and the Pine Ridge of Nebraska.  It was quite an adventure!  While we were there, we visited Badlands National Park, Minuteman Missile National Monument, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Devils Tower National Monument, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park (SD), and Ft. Robinson State Park (NE).  We also climbed Harney Peak in the Black Elk Wilderness, swam at Evans Plunge Natural Hot Springs, and saw the fossils at Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD.  We love our public lands not only for hunting, but for hiking and exploring too!  With the sad events over the last week, it is nice to have these fresh memories of how good America can be.


The Upchurches at “the faces”

In our absence Aaron, Keri and the girls watched over the litters.  And boy did they grow!  It is hard to believe that “K” litter pups are going home this weekend.  Here are some of the shots that I got of them before they went home.  I apologize that my photos aren’t going to be up to normal standards for awhile.  We were caught in a thunderstorm (with heavy rain and pea-sized hail) the entire 2 hour descent of Harney Peak and it killed my Canon Rebel XS DSLR.  So I’m down to my little Canon Elph until I can get to the camera store for a replacement DSLR.

All of the “K” Litter pups checked out in good health at Heartland Pet Hospital in Bellevue, Nebraska on Wednesday afternoon.


A pup getting some vet tech love


Dr. Andrew Kliewer DVM listening to their innards


A mess of pups trying out the new flooring


Charles helping me unload the pups from the vet visit


Velma hangs by while the “K” Litter mobs the food dish


Velma and the “K” Litter pups waiting to be let out

And it is already time to post homegoing pics!  Here is Karen going home to New Mexico with Rob and Joanne.  Her new name will be Mitzi Mambo and she’ll live on a mesa full of desert quail and jackrabbits.  She will be the sister of a few Cairn Terriers too.  Photo taken inside of their sweet rolling home (RV).


Kate and Maurice, from just across town in Papillion, Nebraska, decided that they didn’t have enough little ones to chase around and added Krystal to their pack.  She will become Murphy and will be chasing pheasants and ducks before we know it.


Kristov went home to Minnesota early this morning with Matt and his expecting wife, but I forgot to take a picture (oops!).  Hopefully I can talk them into taking a selfie and send to me to share with you all.

Kylla went home with Zoe and Peter to North Dakota.  She will become Olive, and my fourth or fifth pup to be a part of the Central Dakota NAVHDA crew.  NoDak has so many great hunting opportunities, we can’t wait to see her in action.


Rick and Peggy took Kalli home to Grand Island, Nebraska, in the heart of the Rainwater Basin, one of the top waterfowl regions in the country.  She’ll live next to a sandpit lake where she can swim as much as she wants.  New name TBD.


I have video of both of the litters, but I’ll need a bit more time to get it all put together.  I really want to get the photos out today, because in TWO WEEKS the “L” litter goes home too!  We still need to figure out picks, which we’ll work on early this week.  I have whole mess of homegoings tomorrow, so I can post those videos when I get those photos up.

These individual photos are in the same order of the individual photos that I took a few weeks back.


Laverne face, female


Laverne back, female


Laverne stacked, female


Lynda face, female


Lynda back, female


Lynda stacked, female


Lillian face, female


Lillian back, female


Lillian free stacked, female


Leia face, female


Leia back, female


Leia stacked, female


Lucina face, female


Lucina back, female


Lucina stacked, female


Larry face, male


Larry back, male


Larry stacked, male


Laius face, male


Laius back, male


Laius stacked, male


Laertes face, male


Laertes back, male


Laertes stacked, male


Luke face, male


Luke back, male


Luke stacked, male

Thank you to my daughter, Cordelia for being my puppy modeler.  And of course, thank you to Aaron and family for taking care of everyone while we were gone.  I had better sign off for now, as I still have paperwork to put together for the pickups tomorrow and of course, regular dog/puppy chores.

“K” Litter 5 Weeks and “L” Litter 3 Weeks

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“K” Litter 5 Weeks Old

These are in the same order as the two week old photographs.  Keep in mind that 5 week old puppies do not stack perfectly.  I will get the puppy supply list written and posted over the next few days.  I am pretty close to being done with picks and the latest that the “K” Litter families will hear from me is Thursday afternoon.  Here is the video that I took of them yesterday: https://youtu.be/b0avkTVokZo

Karen will go home with Bob and Joanne to New Mexico.


Karen side, female


Karen back, female


Karen face, female

Kalli will go home with Rick to Grand Island, Nebraska.


Kalli side, female


Kalli back, female


Kalli face, female

Kylla will go home with Zoe to North Dakota.


Kylla side, female



Kylla back, female


Kylla face, female

Keri is going to stay here with Velma’s co-owner, Aaron (and his wife Keri!).


Keri side, female


Keri back, female


Keri face, female

Kennedy will go home with Phil and Corrine to Kansas.


Kennedy side, female


Kennedy back, female


Kennedy face, female

Krystal will go home with Maurice and Kate to Papillion, Nebraska.


Krystal side, female


Krystal back, female


Krystal face, female

Karma will fly home to Marc and Shaun in California.


Karma side, female


Karma back, female


Karma face, female

Kristov will go home with Matt to Minnesota.


Kristov side, male


Kristov back, male


Kristov face, male

Klaus will go home with Brian and Meressa to South Dakota.


Klaus side, male


Klaus back, male


Klaus face, male

Karl will go home with Mert to Iowa.


Karl male, side


Karl male, back


Karl male, face

Kato will go home with Sue to Michigan.


Kato side, boy


Kato back, boy


Kato face, boy

Konrad will go home with Bridgette to Holdrege, Nebraska.


Konrad side, boy


Konrad back, boy


Konrad face, boy

Kaden will go home with Colin to Colorado.


Kaden side, male


Kaden back, male


Kaden face, male

“L” Litter 3 weeks old

Here is the video that I took of them yesterday: https://youtu.be/9QMfBWQX-FU


Laverne back, female


Laverne face, female


Lynda back, female


Lynda face, female


Lillian back, female


Lillian face, female


Leia back, female


Leia face, female


Lucina back, female


Lucina face, female


Larry back, male


Larry face, male


Laius back, male


Laius male, face


Laertes back, male


Laertes back, male


Luke back, male


Luke face, male

The Dog Days of Summer

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This is going to be a short update and I’ll get more detailed information up over the weekend.

Too Hot

I know that I owe you updated individual pictures, but we are totally in survival mode right now.  It has been between 95 and 105 degrees every day for the last week and it shows no signs of stopping.  This not only provides challenges with the puppies, but keeping the big dogs comfortable is tough too.  I have had to groom down all of the big dogs and make sure that they have cool water in their pool and dog bowls all of the time.  For the puppies, I also make sure their dog bowls are full of cool water and occasionally haul five gallon buckets of water to their kennels to either dip them in or just rinse off the kennel floor to not only clean it (after poop scooping, of course), but to cool it down.

Oh and don’t think that my dogs are rich when I say that they have a pool.  It is actually just an old kids’ durable plastic sandbox that I fill with water.  That is the next scheduled dog improvement, to get a stock tank with a drain on it, but it will have to wait for next year.  This year we will continue this aspect on low budget.  Eventually we also want to get city water piped back there with one of those farm spigot water hydrant thingies, but we’ll just keep hauling water and running massive lengths of hose for a few more years.


Low budget dog pool

The dogs have also dug themselves various holes and dens around the property to beat the heat.


Free dog house and shade hole

“K” Litter

We moved the “K” Litter to my house last week so that Aaron could go on a fishing trip and so that I would have a chance to evaluate the pups and do picks.

I will be working on my breeder picks for the “K” litter over the weekend and will have them finalized by sundown Tuesday.  So “K” litter future owners, be prepared for some questions over the coming days.  I have a few that I’m settled on already, but still need to go over my notes from talking to folks in the past and doing some more evaluating on the pups themselves.

Here are some shots of our kennel techs and the move.


Aaron’s kennel techs Avery and Josie with the pups and Velma loaded in my truck.


A closeup of the pups


Two of my three kennel techs: Conrad and Cordelia moving the pups from the truck to the kennel.

They have gone to straight dry kibble and I am feeding Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy.  If you are looking to pick some up to transition your pup home, here is the store locator: http://www.diamondpet.com/where-to-buy/

Over the weekend, I will post a list of recommended supplies for when you bring your puppy home when I post the new individual pictures.  Oh but here is a photo of the doggy dinner pile:


K Litter chowing down

They also like to get out and about in the yard.  Here are just some random shots.

“L” Litter

Well in spite of my efforts and hope, I did end up losing those two males last weekend.  I rode it out without going to the vet to put them down, but it was a pretty rough ride.  Right before I brought the “K” litter over last weekend, I moved the “L” litter inside to try to help those two.  The basement was too cold, so we settled on the upstairs living room for a few days.


Indoor setup


My smallest kennel tech, Caleb.

Once the two undeveloping pups were lost, I knew that I needed to start to condition them to the heat, so they were back in the garage with a fan on them.  They are stumbling around a bit and their eyes are open.  I will get individual photos over the weekend.  Random shots.

They have also started on canned puppy food:


And then finally yesterday, with a heat index of 110-115, I had to move them outside.  I knew that I couldn’t keep the garage cool enough.

Oh and a few parting shots before I go and run dogs around some more.  I had to get an updated photo for the magazine earlier this week.  It is the puppy issue after all.  But then I wanted you to see what I really look like coming out of the kennel area.

Co-editor Charity

What the world thinks a dog breeder looks like. Photo by Charles Upchurch


What a dog breeder really looks like.  Note the sweaty t-shirt.  I had washed the dog hair off of my arms though. Photo by Cordelia Upchurch

Time for more dog adventures, talk at you soon.  I will come bearing videos as well.

“K” and “L” Litter Updates

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Note:  All of the puppies are spoken for at this time, but if you would like to be on the contact list in the event of a last minute back out, please email bluestemkennels@gmail.com.

I think it is so funny when people admit that they’ve been following my blog and YouTube channel for several years.  It makes both parties feel embarrassed, but it is really flattering.  If I think about it too much it makes me so self-conscious.  My personality is very split between extrovert and introvert.  When I’m around people, I’m very outgoing and talkative.  But I also love to spend lots of time home alone, just hanging out with the dogs, watching the birds, and doing the endless chores that go along with three kids and small dog kennel.

Oh and “the magazine” as it is known around here.  It takes a lot of time and patience.  It is like having to do a quarterly summative grad school group project.  I lose sleep over it and it makes me crazy.  But when it comes in the mail all shiny and chrome, it’s like “damn, we did it again”.  Thanks to my very good friend Amy Caswell-O’Clair of Soonipi Point Griffons in Newport, NH for doing this life with me.  It is great to work with someone so smart and kind.  She knows so much about griffons and training and grooming and breeding, it is fun for us to to share our experiences and knowledge with each other.  To get this amazing magazine, the Griffonnier, you have to join the AWPGA, the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association https://awpga.com/membership

Oh and while you are joining clubs, join NAVHDA, the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.  At their training days, they can help you train your dog.  And you get a magazine each month.  And it brings you good hunting karma (I made that part up).  One of my Facebook friends just got his premium membership package the other day and was so excited about it that he took a photo and posted it. http://navhdastore.org/membershippackages.aspx


NAVHDA Premium Membership Package.  Photo by Matt Kadlubowski

So if you want to be in the cool dog nerd clubs, there you go.  Okay puppies, must talk about the puppies.

“K” Litter

It is hard to believe that the “K” Litter is four weeks old today.  I was over at Aaron’s on Sunday and got some pictures and video.  Sorry that I’ve been slow to post them, between the magazine and the kids and the “L” Litter and the other dogs and Charles has been traveling for work…it’s just a lot.

Aaron and I were really busy talking, so I didn’t get many photos, but I did get some video.  I go and pick the pups and Velma up tomorrow to bring them over here while Aaron is on a fishing trip.  Plus it will be good to spend time with them to evaluate them and start to think about who goes where.  So I’ll be in touch with the future owners over the next week about specifically what you’re looking for in a pup and what I’ve got.


“K” Litter at 3 weeks old chowing down

Here is the video that I took of them: https://youtu.be/tmL7ve7C3V0

“L” Litter

Nine puppies of the “L” Litter are big and developing, with their eyes starting to open and starting on puppy mush.  Puppy mush is where I take canned puppy food and mix it with puppy milk replacer.  Right now they are eating it off of a spoon.  Once they get up on their legs over the next week, we’ll transition to eating from a dish.  Notice that I said nine.  Four males and five females.

11 were born, but there are two males that are just not developing correctly.  Amy has had similar situations where they just fail to thrive.  The other puppies are nursing from BB and eating from the spoon and getting big and fat, and starting to open their eyes.  I can’t get these two to latch on to BB and I have to basically force feed them because they won’t suck from the bottle.  They are wasting away and I can’t bear to watch it.  So I have an appointment at the vet to have them put down tomorrow.  Something like this is caused by internal organs not developing correctly and there is nothing that I can do to fix it.

This isn’t Disneyland.  Being a breeder isn’t all fun and playing with puppies.  I am sad, but in my sixth year as a breeder I’ve learned to harden my heart a bit to this.  There were years that I was just destroyed and crushed over losing pups.  But now I know that it is the nature of things and the reason that even though I have a health guarantee, I’ve never had to replace a pup or give a refund.  Because I am honest with my buyers that I’m not going to coddle a reject and send it home with them.  So may their little puppy souls rest in peace.

(Post-Script:  I had an honest conversation with Dr. Andrew Kliewer, DVM this afternoon.  He said that his wife, Susan, checked their hearts and initial internal organ function when I brought them in for tails and dew claws.  He said that when there is a large litter, it is possible that there are “premie” type pups.  Where they are internally normal, and will eventually function and perform the same as the advanced pups, and just need a little extra time.  And that two weeks is too early to make a call.  That there is not necessarily anything congenitally or genetically wrong with them.  As if the two male pups had read my post about having them put down, they started spoon feeding with their bigger siblings tonight.  Honestly, I cried when it happened.  I hope that they “power up”, as my kids say in video gaming.  I am not taking reservations on them until they establish themselves in the pack, but should they be ready for homes eventually, I will seek them locally.)

Here are some pics and a short video of the nine cute and healthy pups.  Two week-old puppies are just not very exciting.  It is amazing to look at the difference one week makes.  The next week of their lives is huge: https://youtu.be/dhphJSjuA_Q

We are getting into some dangerous heat over the next few days, so they might have to spend some time in the cool of the basement.  Our property is really shaded in, so we won’t have the worst of the heat, but I will have to keep a close eye out to make sure that they aren’t overheating.

Okay it is noon and it is 91 degrees already and I need to move some pups.  Talk at you soon.

“K” Litter at Two Weeks and Sad News of Sam



Sam (Sweetgrass Plainsman Samson, UT III) was our foundation stud who was retired on a sheep farm near Bowling Green, Kentucky.  On Saturday he ran out on to the road in front of a teenager speeding on an ATV and was hit and killed.  He will live on in the 70-some puppies that he produced, and I own his daughter, Fire and his grandson, Chief.  His painting hangs on my wall and he will never be forgotten.  I will pay him a more fitting tribute later in the summer when I’m not so busy with puppies.  But he was a damn fine dog and feel lucky to have had him in my life.  Sorry to Troy and Cris for their loss, they really loved him too.

“K” Litter at Two Weeks Old

All of the puppies of “K” and “L” litters 2016 are spoken for at this time, please e-mail bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you would like to be on the contact list in the event of someone backing out at the last minute.

As I said in my last post, their eyes are all open and they are eating mush of canned puppy food and puppy milk replacer.  They are starting to get their legs under them a bit.  They are three weeks old now, but I’ve been busy with this new litter and family in town, so it probably won’t be until Sunday until I get back out to see them again.

Here is a video of them hanging in the yard with Aaron and I over at his house.  The editing is kind of bad because movie maker was giving me fits today, but the puppies are still cute with bad editing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG1jQJYFZ2o&feature=youtu.be

I give my puppies names, just so that I can keep them straight as I’m photographing and evaluating them.  I don’t actually call them by their names.  I call them all “puppies” as a group and you’ll see that they’ll actually respond after about 5 weeks or so.

You can’t tell anything about size by these photos because they are not always at the same distance away.  It is mainly for my records with coloration.  This has nothing to do with picks.  I do breeder picks between 5-6 weeks old.  They are not old enough to tell anything about them by these photos.  Except that they are cute, of course.

So here they are:


Karen face, female


Karen body, female


Kalli face, female


Kalli body, female


Kylla face, female


Kylla body, female


Keri face, female


Keri face, female


Kennedy face, female


Kennedy body, female


Krystal face, female


Krystal body, female


Karma face, female


Karma body, female


Kristov face. male


Kristov body, male


Klaus face, boy


Klaus body, boy


Karl face, male


Karl body, male


Kato face, male


Kato body, male


Konrad face, male


Konrad body, male


Kaden face, male


Kaden body, male

Okay, that’s everybody!  I’ll be back soon to post some one week video and pics of the “L” litter and 3 week old video and pics from the “K” litter.  Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome “L” Litter

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All of our puppies are spoken for at this time, please e-mail bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you would like to be on the contact list in the event that someone backs out at the last minute.

Puppy Placements

I will give you the short business first, then tell you the dramatic tale second.

On March 29th we had an unplanned breeding between Bourg-Royal CB Bluestem JH, NA I UT III “BB” and Bluestem’s Otoe Chief, NA II “Chief”, so we have puppies available.  BB is imported from Quebec and Chief is the grandson of our foundation pair who was crossed on to a De Jac’s female.  These are going to be amazing hunters and family companions.  They were born on Friday, May 27: 6 males and 5 females.  Five of the males and three females have been spoken for at this point, so that leaves 1 male and 1 female available.  They will be ready to go to their new homes starting Saturday, July 23 and need to all be in their new homes by Sunday, August 1st.

I prefer to place my puppies in hunting and/or NAVHDA homes but will also consider quality companion homes with an active/outdoors lifestyle.  The deposit to reserve a puppy is $200, with $900 due at pickup for a total of $1100.  The pups come with tails docked, dew claws removed, de-worming, first vaccinations, microchip and a 3 year guarantee against fatal genetic defects or hip dysplasia.  The puppies do not automatically come with breeding rights, if you are interested in possibly breeding the dog down the road there are additional steps that you can discuss with me.

I ship via Delta Pet First/Air Cargo for and additional $500 out of Omaha Eppley Airfield, which is about 15 minutes from my house.  Includes airfare and shipping supplies.  The puppies take the first flight out in the morning and arrive at their destination midday.  It will be the heat of summer when these guys go and there is a strong possibility that flights can be rescheduled due to the heat on the tarmac at the connecting location.  I would really prefer if folks drove to pick up if possible.

I like to do phone interviews prior to taking a deposit, therefore if you are interested in going forward with trying to get a pup either give me a call at (402) 682-9802 or send me an e-mail to bluestemkennels@gmail.com with a phone number and a good time to call.  Placements go quickly when I have puppies available.  I look forward to speaking with you should I get a chance.

“L” is for Love

March 29th was my son Caleb’s 7th birthday and I remember it well.  It was state testing time and I had been called in to school to do elementary pull-out special education reading.  There was no room for us to work in the building, I had to just sort of make space in the band room or in people’s offices or wherever.  At one point in the day, I was up teaching in the foyer of the building.  Can you imagine trying to teach 6 little boys, some with mild autism, while people were coming and going?  Anyway, I was frazzled when I got home.  The dogs were all having fits in their kennels and I really just wanted some peace and quiet.  So I let them all out.

Charles gets home an hour later, looks out of the kitchen window and says, “BB and Chief are tied”.  Oh man.  I called the 24 hour emergency vet clinic and they didn’t do a morning after shot.  I called all over Lincoln and Omaha, no more morning after shots.  Where did all of the morning after shots go?  We did this a few times 20 years ago (not with griffons, but with our English Pointer and Brittany getting into the neighbor females).  I’ll have to see if I can order it from Australia and do it myself next time.  Yet I digress.

There’s a vet in Lincoln who will do dog abortions at 30 days with a positive pregnancy test.  So we do the relaxin test and it comes back negative.  BB didn’t look pregnant then.  Life goes on.

(Post-script: Folks have asked me why I wanted to terminate the pregnancy.  Several reasons: 1) Timing: this is a difficult time of year for hunters to take on puppies.  Really these dogs won’t have any leg for hunting until late season. 2) Heat: it is tough raising puppies at this time of year due to the heat.  I will basically need to be home all of the time over the last few weeks to watch them.  The heat also makes it difficult (but not impossible) to fly the pups.  3) Stud age: Chief is my next stud dog.  He just got a few months head start on me.  He won’t be of age to get a hip scan for a few months.  I am bound by the AWPGA Code of Ethics that states that I should only breed dogs over 2 years of age with hip scans.  I have had this litter approved by the AWPGA Board of Directors as an accident.  None of his ancestors have had hip issues and he has gone a full hunting season (including a full week in North Dakota) without issues.  I am still guaranteeing this litter against hip dysplasia.  It is a very desirable breeding and was actually planned for 2 years down the road.  They just beat me to the punch.  Maybe this is all too much information, but I suffer from a serious case of brutal honesty, so I know that dog breeder reality is a bit overwhelming for some, but I prefer that to the alternative.)

Then out of nowhere like 2 weeks ago, we’ve got teats and a belly.  Crap.  Maybe it is a false pregnancy?  Then like two days before they were born, I feel them move.  Crap again.  It was only one tie, it can’t be that many, right?

I wasn’t expecting them until Saturday.  I wasn’t ready for them.  I was out visiting the “K” Litter at Aaron’s place and picking stuff up for my older son Conrad’s 12th birthday and my 15 year old-daughter, Cordelia, calls me, “BB is having puppies.”

“Okay kiddo, you’ve got this, I’ll be home in 20 minutes.”


Cordelia, BB and the first 5 puppies

Here I was worried about raising city kids.  Cordelia is a star student and just made the varsity show choir as a sophomore.  But she knows how to get it done on the dog farm.  I also have to put in a plug for K-9 Kondo of Stapleton, Nebraska.  That house right there is their Dog Den 3.  You pull the roof off and you have a whelping box.  http://www.k-9kondo.com/

As there was a thunderstorm imminent and sprinkles were felt, the first thing that I did was put a tarp over the kennel so that I would have time to get my laundry room converted into the emergency whelping area.



Emergency whelping area

With a few ex-pens, a kiddie pool and some cedar chips, the emergency whelping area was deployed.  Saturday we finally got the garage kennel all ready to go.  Please ignore my junk.


Garage kennel


Whelping box

We were at the vet’s door at 7:30 AM this morning for tail docking and dew claw removal.  And puppy cuddles from all of my great vet techs at Heartland Pet Hospital.


A laundry basket full of puppies at the vet

That is the dramatic tale of the arrival of the “L” litter.  Everyone seems to be doing great.

“K” Litter

Rewind back to Friday, before the arrival of the new litter, I was spending time with Aaron and the pups at his house about 20 miles away from mine.  I was wearing these ghetto gym shorts with no pockets and I threw my van keys in the van and shut the door.  The stupid van computer locked me out.  So poor Aaron had to run me all the way back into town to meet Charles at the movie theater where Conrad and his friends were going to X-Men Apocalypse for his birthday.  But at least Cordelia was home and I was back on the road in time to relieve her before the storm.  I am feeling like a whirling vortex of drama this week.

But the two week old puppies have their eyes open and are really active.  They have started puppy mush of canned puppy food mixed with puppy milk replacer.  I am going to hold off on the detailed update on them for another day or so because I really need to get this post up and these “L” puppies some homes!  I have individual puppy photos to post and I need to pick out their “K” litter names.  I also have lots of video footage, so tomorrow I’ll get on that.  I will probably just add them to the end of this post, so just make sure to check back if you want to see all that stuff.  Until then…


The 13 “K” Litter pups and Velma

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