“M” Litter 7 weeks!

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All of the puppies are spoken for, feel free to email bluestemkennels@gmail.com to inquire about future litters.  Our next breedings are planned for Spring 2018.  Please do not be discouraged if it takes me a long time to respond, this has been a busy time for us!

How can it be that these guys are seven weeks old already!?!  It has been cold here the last week or so and I haven’t had a chance to take a new video.  It is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so I will be sure to get on that sometime between then and the end of the weekend.  I was able to get my hands on some live quail, so they can see one of those if I can track down my bird harness.  But in the meantime, I pulled out some frozen dead quail last weekend for them to sniff and drag around.

With all of the action, I didn’t get great shots of everyone.  Oh and I did get all of my homes picked out too, which is always difficult and a relief when it is over.  So here are the new photos from the weekend with the quail.



Malcolm is going across town to Elkhorn, Nebraska



Macduff (in the back) is also going across town to West Omaha



Margaret will call Texas home



Mildred will stay with us and become Bluestem Peaches en Regalia “Ruth”



Medea is going down to Oklahoma



Madame Defarge will go to the windswept plains of Wyoming



Madeline, on our left, will head north to Minnesota

I will try to get a video posted over the weekend, we go to the vet on Monday, then homegoings start a week from today!









“M” Litter 5.5 weeks

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All of the puppies are spoken for, but feel free to email bluestemkennels@gmail.com to be placed on the contact list in the event that someone backs out.

The weather has really turned nice and pups have become very active these past couple of days, begging to be let out of the kennel and running all over the woods.  It is almost time to make my picks and I’ll need to continue talking to my future owners about what they are looking for in their pup.  It will be so tough though because they are all just perfect and fabulous in my opinion.

I’m only going to post one photo of each of the boys because both of those families are local and get to come and visit.






And then the girls.  Mildred seems to have taken to Charles and I the closest and will probably be our pick, but it has not yet been finalized.




Madame Defarge








Here is the 5.5 week video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plKvPpLtexM

“M” Litter 4.5 weeks

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At this time, all puppies are spoken for, but feel free to email bluestemkennels@gmail.com in the event that someone backs out.

We had quite a swing in the weather over the last week!  The puppies have been outside for a little over a week and for the first 5 days they did not want to come out of the dog house even though it was 75 last Wednesday.  I am not one to force things as it was totally normal for that age.  But by the time they were acclimated to the environment change, we got hit with a big snow storm and cold snap and I didn’t want to bother them with photos then either.  So it was finally nice enough yesterday and they were feeling confident enough to come out of both the dog house and kennel.  There are too many cute photos to share them individually, so I’m going to put them in a slide show for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At this point the puppies are eating both canned food and nibbling on mom’s solid food.  I feed Diamond Naturals for both.  Also mom has stopped cleaning up after them, so now it is my job to scoop everyone’s poop and wash the kennel twice a day.

I need to think about digging out my kid’s cap gun to start snapping off around them and thaw out a dead quail or two for them to play with.  I may or may not be able to get my hands on a live bird for them to check out, so I need to reach out to my bird people as well.  Now that they are outside and getting into stuff, I need to keep after the de-worming since there are squirrels and raccoons and such that poop in the woods.

Here is the video from today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-nv6ogAQTM

But the most important thing is for me to keep playing with them and loving them and having fun with them.  Which is easy to do!  Until next week…

“M” Litter 3 weeks

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At this time, all puppies are spoken for.  Email me at bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you are interested in being placed on the back up list should someone decide that they are not able to take a pup.

The puppies are up and on the move and their eyes and ears are open!  It is time to start supplementing their nursing with puppy food and I’ve already started weaning them from extra heat in the garage.  The daytime high temperatures are going to consistently be above 60 degrees going forward and it is time for them for more fresh air and sunshine.  I have been leaving the garage door open when it warms up enough, but it just doesn’t get enough breeze and sun to leave them in there any longer than needed.

Here is this week’s video: https://youtu.be/oIgXUXSG7-8


Fire wondering what I am doing

Individual photos and litter names:

2 males

Malcolm, male


Malcolm, male


Malcolm, male

Macduff, male


Macduff, male


Macduff, male

5 females

Madeline, female


Madeline, female


Madeline, female

Madame Defarge, female


Madame Defarge, female


Madame Defarge, female

Margaret, female


Margaret, female


Margaret, female

Mildred, female


Mildred, female


Mildred, female

Medea, female


Medea, female


Medea, female

Thanks everyone for checking in, talk at you in a week!


M Litter 2 Weeks Old!

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All of the puppies are spoken for at this time, please email bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you wish to be placed on the backup contact list should anyone back out.

The puppies are getting bigger, their eyes are starting to open and they are beginning to scoot about the box more and more.  They have moved out of my laundry room into my garage kennel, where they and mom all have more space.  The garage kennel is a 5 foot by 10 foot kennel with a 5 foot by 5 foot wooden whelping box with cedar chips.  The area is heated by both a space heater and a heat lamp.  Fire (mom) also has enough space to take a break from the puppies if she needs to, in addition to being let into the yard every few hours.


Chowing down


Fire and pups

With the puppies’ eyes all open next week, we’ll be ready for litter names and individual photos for the puppies!

Here is this week’s video: https://youtu.be/AqntlmaHFaA

“M” Litter 1 week old

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As promised, here are the updated photos and a YouTube video of the puppies!  Not much going on at one week old. https://youtu.be/lr5WDnCvg5E


Welcome “M” Litter!

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At this time all of the puppies are spoken for, but feel free to email bluestemkennels@gmail.com to be put on the backup list.

This litter was planned for next year, but I was down with a knee injury late November through early December, so the kids and husband were taking care of the dogs.  Fire was in heat and someone wasn’t paying attention.

9 puppies were born on Wednesday, January 25th and I lost a couple the first day (which is typical) so now I have 7 fat healthy puppies.  Two males and five females.

I am working throughout the day on getting updated pictures and a video (sorry new owners, I know I was supposed to do it yesterday but I got busy), but here is the pic of right after they were born with mama and at the vet before getting tails and claws done.


Fire and the newborn puppies


1 day old at the vet

You will be shocked to see how much they have grown in a week!  Back to work, so I can get you some updates!

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