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We’ve moved!!  We are now located in rural Clover, South Carolina, in the Piedmont just south of the Charlotte, NC metro area.

Please email bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you wish to be on our contact list regarding our future litter plans.

The voice of Bluestem Kennels is Charity Upchurch.  I consider myself a full-time mom of dogs and kids and a part-time hunter.  I am also in charge of the kennel, so I raise and place the pups.  My husband Charles is a serious hunter when he isn’t doing his upper management thing in financial services.  Our primary hobbies are hunting and training dogs together.  We have 3 kids: our twenty year-old daughter, Cordelia; our seventeen year-old son, Conrad; and our twelve year-old son, Caleb.  Please see the About Our Dogs page for information regarding our current and retired breeding stock of dogs.

When we aren’t hunting or dog training, we love to travel and have adventures.

The Upchurches are Huskers

The Upchurches are Huskers

The Upchurches remembering the Alamo, one of our many adventures

The Upchurches remembering the Alamo in 2015, one of our many adventures


Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas, 2019

We are lifetime members of the Heartland Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) http://www.navhda.org/ . If you are interested in the future of the versatile hunting dogs, we encourage you to join and get involved with this organization!  We are the only Wirehaired Pointing Griffon kennel inspected and licensed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and are dedicated to producing quality AKC/NAVHDA registered hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies.  We are also members of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Assocation and I was the editor of the magazine the Griffonnier for four years.

Please see our Puppies page for information regarding future litters.

We only breed spring litters for the express purpose of hunting our dogs during the fall and winter. You can follow our puppies, training, and hunting here at bluestemkennels.com. We are also on Facebook as Bluestem Kennels~Wirehaired Pointing Griffons.  You can also search Bluestem Kennels on YouTube for our videos.


BB finds a downed snipe 09/14/2014

Charity ND rooster 2016

Charity, Fire and a North Dakota rooster 2016


Charity and Charles, Sandhills Duck Opener 10/04/2014 with BB, Sam and Fire


Charles releases Fire on the track at her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test 10/12/2014


Charles, BB and Sam with a couple of Nebraska roosters 11/09/2014

Charity and quail Dec 2015

Charity, BB and Fire with quail 2015


Charles, BB, and Fire with a mixed bag of teal, snipe and sora 09/14/2014

Charles grouse opener 2016

Charles BB and Chief with sharptailed grouse Sandhills 2016

Charles duck 2016

Charles with Fire, BB and Chief with ducks and snipe, Sandhills 2016


BB and Charles with some more Sandhills ducks and snipe 10/05/2014


Charles takes the snipe from BB 09/14/2014

Charles Fire and Snipe 2016

Charles and Fire with Eastern Nebraska snipe 2016


Charity with BB, Fire and a couple of Nebraska roosters 11/09/2014

Charles duck day 2 2016

Charles, Fire, Chief and BB with ducks and snipe, Sandhills 2016


Charles and the dogs, ND 2015

Charles final day ND 2016

Charles with a day’s limit of roosters in North Dakota 2016


Charity, Early Teal 2015


Charles, Early Teal and Snipe 2015


BB retrieves a sora rail 09/14/2014

Day 1 NoDak 2016

Lou, Charles, Charity and the dogs with the first day’s birds, North Dakota 2016

Day 2 NoDak 2016

Lou, Aaron, Charity and Charles with the dogs and roosters in North Dakota 2016

Charity BB and sora 2016

Charity, BB and a sora rail 2016


Charles, the dogs and a rooster, North Dakota 2015


Charity, North Dakota rooster 2015

Charles and quail Dec 2015

Charles and Matt quail hunting 2015


BB with another retrieve 09/14/2014

ND 2015 4

Charles and Fire, North Dakota 2015


Charles and a wood duck, North Dakota 2015

ND 2015 1

Charles taking a retrieve, North Dakota 2015


The dogs and some roosters, North Dakota 2015


Dogs and roosters, North Dakota 2015

ND 2015 3

Fire, Charles and rooster, North Dakota 2015


Charity, sharptailed grouse in North Dakota 2015

ND 2015 2

Charles with a duck, North Dakota 2015

Charity Chief BB quail rooster

Charity, Chief and BB with a Nebraska rooster and bobwhite quail, January 2018

Charles Charity Duck Day 2 2017

Charity with a teal and Charles with a mixed bag of ducks, snipe, sharptailed grouse and a prairie chicken, with Chief. September 2017

Charles Charity Duck Opener 2017

Charity and Charles, duck opener 2017

Charles Fire Ruth Sharptail Opener 2017

Charles, Fire and Ruth. Shaprtailed grouse opener 2017

Charles Fire Snipe 2017

Charles and Fire, Nebraska snipe 2017

Charles North Dakota Pheasant Limit 2017

Charles, Fire and Ruth with a limit of roosters. North Dakota 2017

Charles Sharptail and Roosters North Dakota 2017

Charles, Chief, Fire and Ruth, roosters and sharptailed grouse. North Dakota 2017

Matt Charles Fire quail Jan 2018

Matt, Fire and Charles with a quail. January 2018

Ruth Charles quail rabbit 2018

Fire with bobwhite quail and a rabbit with Charles. January 2018

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dustin Beamer
    May 19, 2018 @ 10:41:02

    Hi me and my family are looking for new pup to add to the house we are looking for female will be a house dog and also taken out to hunt birds we raise pheasant and there are good numbers of grouse were we live in northern Pennsylvania we live in the country and own our home we have 8yr old basset hound if you have available pup please contact us thank you


    • Charity Upchurch
      May 19, 2018 @ 11:27:26

      Hi Dustin, We currently don’t have any available pups. Our last litter of the year is going to their new homes this week. Check back later in the year if you are interested in getting a spring pup.


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