After four years as editor of the Griffonnier, the magazine of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association, I decided that it was time to step down and let the board of directors of the club find new leadership for the magazine.

In our time at the helm of the magazine, Amy Caswell-O’Clair of Soonipi Point Griffons, our paid graphic designer Jane Swanson and I vastly improved both the appearance and the content of the club magazine.  With our nomination for the 2017 breed club magazine competition of the Dog Writers Association of America, we walk away with our heads held high.  Best of luck to whomever takes over this weighty position.  Thank you to all of our contributing members and advertisers who made our magazine a smashing success, we always received numerous compliments and were presented with the AWPGA Service Award in 2016 at the banquet in Helena, Montana.

It was also nice to go out with one of my puppies on the cover: Bluestem Winchester SH, NA II UT II retrieving a duck.  The photo is by Jerry Imprevento of Field Dog Imagery and “Chester” is owned by Sal Licata of New Hyde Park, New York.

I went ahead and scanned in my contributions to the Spring 2018 Issue to share with you all.  As I have more time in the future, I may go back and scan in my articles for previous issues to share on my blog.  I hope to devote my writing time to creating a manual for my puppy buyers and writing articles for hunting publications.  And of course keeping you up-to-date with our dog silliness here.

Griffonnier Cover_0001

Griffonnier Editor

Griffonnier WKC1

Griffonnier WKC2

Griffonnier WKC3

Griffonnier WKC4

I haven’t been taking many pictures recently, but Zoro is getting ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in the fall.  Maybe next time Charles goes to a training day with him, I will tag along to take some pics.  Until then, everyone have a great 4th of July holiday!