“O” Litter Homegoings from May

This last day of summer leaves me thinking about all of the letting go that I’ve had to do over the last four months or so.  Our “O” Litter went home in May.  I was not here for most of the homegoings due to unforeseen health issues and Charles had to cover for me on most of them.  The most important thing is that they all went home happy and healthy to great new homes where they are loved.



Kelvin took his second Bluestem puppy (litter name “Ophelia”) home to Colorado.  He and his wife Nancy also have Winston from our “A” Litter


Dennis and his wife heading home with their pup (litter name “Owen”) to Missouri


Rodney’s pup (litter name “Obediah”) also at home in Missouri


Galen and her pup (litter name “Omar”) at home in Michigan


Katie, her husband and pup (litter name “Osborne”) at home in Minnesota


John’s pup (litter name “Olivia”) playing in Alabama


Chris and his wife with their puppy (litter name “Oprah”) in Maine


Paul, his pup (litter name “Orville”) and me at the airport before they head to Texas

We had other pups go to Oklahoma, another to Texas, one to Kansas and one stay in Omaha, but due to all of the confusion of my absence, we didn’t get pictures.  I hope that everyone is having happy and healthy lives with their new puppies.  I figure that no news is good news!

BB’s Retirement

BB’s last litter was in the spring and she now is happy at her new home on a farm in Kansas with my friend Brice.  Brice is an avid hunter, so she should see some more hunting action in the coming years.  His son Ridge calls her his pet and I see that they recently went fishing together.  I just don’t have the space to retire all of my dogs at home once they are done breeding, so it is great to give them away to folks who really appreciate this breed and can give them a good place to live out their senior years.

BB was imported from Quebec’s Bourg-Royal Kennel, owned by Gilbert Tremblay and Renee Fortier.  She is a fantastic hunter and a valuable foundation bitch.  Thank you Renee and Gilbert for entrusting us with her.

CKC/AKC/NAVHDA Bourg-Royal CB Bluestem JH, NA I UT III and multiple AKC Walking Derby Field Trial Placements

BB Goodbye

Me saying goodbye to BB

Boyle Family BB

Brice and family getting ready to head back to Kansas

BB Ridge

Ridge and BB ready to hit to road with one of their shepherd pups

September Hunting

We traveled to the Nebraska Sandhills for the opening weekend of sharptailed grouse on Labor Day weekend.  I’m taking this season off from hunting for health reasons, but Charles got out for three mornings before it heated up.  The first morning he didn’t see a thing, but Sunday he, Chief and Ruth bagged a limit (pictured).  He also got a limit of three Monday morning with Zoro and Fire, but we didn’t get a photo because we were too busy getting back on the road.


Charles with a limit of sharptailed grouse, with Ruth and Chief

He also made it out a couple of weekends ago for some teal, sora and snipe hunting with Fire.  Here is a photo of their bag for the day.


Fire with a snipe, four sora rail and a blue-winged teal

A Change of Seasons

The cool of fall is here and with that arrives the ability to work in the outdoors.  That is exactly what I intend to do.  Happy hunting to everyone out there!