The “N” Litter is about 4.5 weeks old now and if the weather would cooperate, they would be ready to move into the outdoor kennel.  It looks like it will be Wednesday when they can finally go out.  Right now they are eating Diamond puppy kibble mixed with soft food.  In another week or so I will cut the soft food altogether and just do dry kibble.

All of these puppies are spoken for and I have five deposits for Fire’s litter due at the end of March.  I have decided to wait until Fire whelps before doing any more interviews.  I prefer to sell puppies that I have rather than betting on puppies that I don’t have yet.  I don’t do X-rays or ultrasounds because that is just more dragging the female around and it really isn’t necessary.  What comes out is what comes out.  So I appreciate everyone’s patience who has submitted an application and we’ll see where we stand in a few weeks.

These guys have their eyes wide open, are walking around well and are almost climbing out of the whelping box.  They love to chew on each other and run around.  Here is the YouTube video for this week: 

Here are a few still shots of the litter, I will get individual updated photos next time:






Here comes spring, I am looking forward to more daylight in the evenings to spend time in the yard with the dogs.

The same weekend that these guys start to go home, Charles and our son Conrad will go to Wisconsin to pick up a new male pup from Stonyridge Kennels.  We are excited and hope that the little guy turns out to be everything that we hope for him and help to influence our future breedings.

Enjoy the coming of the light tonight and I’ll check back in soon.