It has been kind of wet lately, so I haven’t had a chance to take stacked photos of these guys yet.  It looks like it is supposed to clear off on Wednesday, so I’ll get one of the kids recruited to pose the puppies on their six week birthday.  It is sooo hard to believe how soon they will be going to their new homes!

They are totally on solid kibble now and are drinking water from the dish too.  As you can see, they are really enjoying the spring weather and getting out to stretch their legs and play.

Our “O” Litter is right around the corner and they should be arriving later in the week!  I currently have five puppies reserved with deposits on the “O” Litter and several applications pending the arrival of the puppies.  I don’t want to sell more spots than I have puppies, so this is the easiest way to avoid that.

Here is the “N” litter running around with my boys in both photos and video:


Peeking out


On the move


Checking out mom


With Conrad (13) and Caleb (8)


Having a chat about puppies


Running about

So look forward to those six week stacked shots later on in the week and probably a litter announcement not too far behind!!  Happy Spring!!