All of these puppies are spoken for and I have taken sufficient interest for my second litter of 2018 as well.  Thank you to everyone for your vote of confidence as a breeder.  If you have sent in an application or have e-mailed about receiving one (or with any other questions for that matter), I will be in touch soon when I clean out the inbox (P.S. I am back in school the rest of this week and will be working on kennel correspondence over the weekend and into next week).

I am taking today to get through learning the video camera system on my DSLR and the video editing features of Windows 10 Photos.  It took a few hours, but I finally figured out how to get it all done to some modicum of decency.  Here is the YouTube video of the puppies at three weeks old:

I took individual photos of nine puppies today!  How fun!  They are all growing nicely and outgrew the kiddie pool in the living room, plus the weather has been improving, so they are back in the whelping box until it gets warm enough for them to move outside in a couple of weeks.  They will also start on puppy mush food this week.  I don’t actually call the puppies by these names.  They will be called by the collective “puppies” along with the clanging of food pans very soon.

Reminder to the future owners (I will also be sending an email tomorrow or responding to what I have), these puppies turn 8 weeks old on Wednesday, April 4th, so I’d like to have them picked up by Sunday, April 8th.  These photos hardly capture the personality of these puppies, so although you may have a preference for a particular puppy and we do our best to have it all turn out the way that everyone wants it to, the final placement decisions rest with me right after the six week birthday of the pups.  In eight years, I haven’t had a placement complaint, so I’ll take that as a compliment.  But we’ll talk as we get closer and as the puppies grow and show more individuality.

It finally feels like spring and it was 55 degrees out when took these pictures out on the back patio.  I have just enough time to get these photos uploaded and labeled with names, then I have to get supper on, then get ready for a choir concert.

Here are the boys of the “N” Litter 2018, Bluestem Otoe Chief, NA II x Bourg-Royal CB Bluestem JH, NA I UT III:

Norman, male, back


Norman, male, face


Nicholas, male, back


Nicholas, male, face


Noah, male, back


Noah, male, face


Newman, male, back


Newman, male, face


The girls of the “N” Litter 2018:

Namaste, female, back


Namaste, female, face


Nichole, female, back


Nichole, female, face


Nefertiti, female, back


Nefertiti, female, face


Nellie, female, back


Nellie, female, face


Nettie, female, back


Nettie, female, face


I will try to keep the blog updated with new photos every week now that they have their eyes open, they will sure change quickly!  Enjoy the video and photos, until next week!