All of these puppies are currently spoken for with deposits.   Email to request an application for our second litter of 2018.

We are expecting a second litter at the end of March to go home at the end of May.  I have several applications to review and to set up phone interviews with.  If you have submitted an application, please be patient with me in getting those processed and phone calls scheduled.  I already have two deposits on this litter with one more on the way, so I have room for probably 5-7 spots, but we won’t know until Mother Nature gives us those puppies.

“N” Litter 2018

At 4 AM on Wednesday, Feburary 7th, I heard a howl from the whelping area and I arrived to find BB with one pup in the box already cleaned up and one just delivered that she was working on.  Over the next twelve hours, we ended up with twelve live births.  One pup faded quickly and didn’t make it to having their tails and dew claws done on Thursday.  I took eleven to the vet on Thursday, but two faded in the night (as predicted by the vet, they were weak and did not have the ability to suckle) and by Friday morning we had nine healthy, vigorous puppies left: five females and four males.  That is the nature of whelping a large litter, there are always a few fade-outs in the first couple of days and I’ve grown to accept that sad part of the process over the last eight years that I’ve been breeding.

BB the day before she whelped.


The view from the whelping box.


Here are the photos from going to the vet of BB and the pups immediately after their visit I took a video of them in the laundry basket at the vet that is on my Facebook page Bluestem Kennels ~ Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


Here they are settled in on February 10th, right before I left for New York City to attend the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.


And finally, the photos that I took today at nine days old.


My handheld camcorder died over the last year, but my new DSLR has video capabilities.  It is just a matter of me figuring it out here over the next few days and I’ll get to posting some new YouTube videos.  Folks have asked about individual photos and I won’t take those until their eyes open at two to two-and-a-half weeks old.

I will post weekly updates until the puppies go home at 8 weeks old.  This litter will go home starting Wednesday, April 4th at the earliest, with most of them going home the weekend of April 7th and 8th.

An update about the Westminster Kennel Club dog show will be forthcoming as I prepare an article for the Griffonnier, the magazine of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association.  I currently serve as co-editor of the magazine and we were nominated for the 2017 Dog Writers of America Association Breed Club Magazine award.  If you would like to become a member to receive a copy of our quarterly publication celebrating all things Griffon, join online at

Congratulations to all of the WKC winners and to all of the future owners of these great pups!  I’ll be back with a new post as soon as possible.