I have to admit that I’m fighting a serious case of writer’s block.  So maybe if I write about it, it will go away!  The kids are back to school, so hopefully that will inspire me to answer the piles and piles of emails that I have.

Fire is currently in heat, so we are most likely about five or six months away from breeding.  That would have the puppies going home in early summer, May or June.  Right now, I’m just going to assemble a contact list for once the breeding is complete.  We are also planning a litter between BB and Chief. I apologize for not getting back to you all, but I will soon.  I know that I keep saying that, but just the day-to-day maintenance of four Griffons and three kids knocks me out daily.

We have been working with our six-month old puppy “Ruth” (Chief x Fire) on birds and gunfire.  We’ve been planting some farm-raised quail and firing the blank pistol over her.  She has had some stylish points and shows lots of prey drive!


Ruth giving me a look starting out


Quail flushing above Ruth’s head with Charles to the left


Ruth’s stylish point, with Charles at ready with the blank pistol


Closeup of Ruth’s point


Another point, with the quail flushing between the trees

Charles has also been working with Chief on “whoa” in the yard, so that he can be useful in jump hunting ducks this year.

New Titles

This isn’t a new title, but Chief’s hip scans came back OFA Excellent.  I need to get the certificate scanned and posted.  He is out of Ben and Velma.

Back in March, Shaun and Marcus out at the San Diego NAVHDA Chapter got a Prize I on the Natural Ability test with  “Winnie”.  She is now Bluestem’s Winchester, NA I (not to be confused with “Chester” in New York who is Bluestem Winchester SH, NA I…just different enough names to clear the pedigrees).

Matt and “Chloe” got their AKC Senior Hunter back in April!!  She is now Bluestem Blooming Sunflower SH, NA II.  Congratulations team!!

Matt and Chloe

Matt, Chloe and their final leg SH ribbon

Aaron and Chewie got a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II, 99 points back at the Heartland Chapter Spring Test in April.  Chewie is also out of Ben and Velma, she is now Bluestem Chewbacca, NA II.


Hunt tests are fun for kids!  Our youngest, Caleb, age 8.


Aaron talking to the judges while Chewie brings in the water retrieve


Closeup of Chewie’s water retrieve


Chewie and Aaron

I still have emails to go through with other pupdates, but right now it is time to go and feed and run some dogs.

Less than two weeks to go until hunting season!  I will be sure to get back on the blog before then and get those darned emails answered.