I am really behind on emails.  Please give me through Wednesday of next week to get caught up.  I apologize for the delay, a very busy summer.

Of course I sit down to write a blog post and someone sends me a Facebook message about an emergency with one of my puppy placements from way back that I need to contact her immediately about!  Gosh! (P.S.  Come to find out it is a grand-pup of mine and not one of my pups, but I’ve reached out to the breeder about the situation.)

It has been a hot summer with lots of travel.  My 96 year-old grandfather passed and we traveled out to California for his celebration of life.  We’ve been working with Ruth (6 months old) on getting her ready for hunting season.  We have been working with Chief on “heel” so that he can jump hunt ducks.  Here are the shots of everyone from their last grooming session.  The burrs are so terrible that they already need it again!!


AKC/NAVHDA Bluestem Peaches en Regalia “Ruth” on the grooming table


AKC/NAVHDA Bluestem’s Prairie Fire, NA I 112 pts “Fire”


Bluestem Otoe Chief, NA II “Chief”


Bourg-Royal CB Bluestem JH, NA I UT III “BB”

Charles and I did the Warrior Dash and I gave myself another osteoarthritis flare-up, this time in the other knee.  I go in to the orthopedist on Monday to have the fluid drawn out and have it shot up with steroids and painkillers.  Last time I waited months before I had that done and missed a lot of the season.  I just don’t have time to wait with hunting season in a month and a few days.

20106569_1610567198994209_5671146007205073587_n (1)

My hometown crew, myself in the middle seated and Charles on right


Dirty me and my prize for completion

I have a bunch of Natural Ability test brags from our puppies, a backlog of Pupdates going back to Christmas (gasp!) and lots of other news that I will save for my next post sometime late next week.  I will spend the first part of the week catching up on emails and fussing over this pup, if need be.

I’m going to go for now and get to work on that emergency.  Talk soon.