Breeding Update

I wanted you all to know where we are with breeding plans.  I should be caught up on emails, so if you have not heard from me and are interested in our upcoming breedings, be sure to shoot me an email again.


We currently do not have puppies available, but are planning two litters for Spring 2018 homegoing.  I am currently assembling a contact list for when breeding occurs.  Please email if you wish to be added to that contact list.

One of our females, “Fire”, is in her non-breeding heat cycle now.  That puts us 5-6 months from her breeding cycle, which would be January-February, with pups being whelped March-April, and going home May-June.

Our second female, “BB” cycled at the beginning of June.  That puts her breeding heat around December, whelping around February and puppies going home in April.

I will begin taking applications and deposits once breeding is confirmed in the early part of 2018.  We will be using our male “Chief” as a stud.

You can see the details about our dogs, including pedigrees, titles and health clearances on the “About Our Dogs” page, up on the brown navigation bar at the top of the page.

Gun Conditioning

Yesterday, we worked on conditioning our six month-old pup, Ruth, to the gun on some planted, farm-raised quail.  We like to do this with our dogs in advance of wild bird hunting to make sure that they do not become gun shy.  This is proceeded by exposure to loud noises and flushing birds with a starter pistol.  Here are some good shots from yesterday’s outing.


Charles walks in on Ruth’s point


Poof! The quail becomes a cloud of feathers on the shot.


Ruth on the retrieve


Charles lined up for another shot

Hunting Season Opener

We are going to have to get up early this weekend to chase the sharptailed grouse and prairie chickens in the Nebraska Sandhills, as it is going to be a hot one!  The forecasts have numbers way down, but we’ll see what we stumble across, it is always a surprise.  Good luck to everyone headed out this weekend, we’ll let you know how it goes!