Week three brings many changes to the life of a litter of puppies.  They are now able to regulate their body temperature, so we were able to safely move them outside on Monday, April 2nd.  Charles and I had completed our new 10 foot long by 10 foot wide by 6 foot tall welded-wire kennel on Sunday, just in time!  The puppies had nearly outgrown the whelping box, trying their hardest to get over the top of the wall.  They were ready for more room to play and explore, building bird dog brains and muscles.

10x10x6 welded wire kennel

The new "puppy palace"

Yesterday was also time to introduce them to solid foods.  It was a bit of a struggle to get them on to the mush because they were still anxious about the transition into their new home, but I’ll keep working on it throughout the week and should have them working the food pan before the end of it.

Charles brought home a couple of dead quail from a weekend hunt test, so we’ve had the puppies sniffing those and chewing on them a bit.  The time is going by quickly already and they are growing so fast, we hope to expose them to as many new positive puppy experiences as possible before their homegoing around May 5th.

This week’s YouTube video update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuKDNlNVFgI

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