It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through our journey with these little puppies.  At four weeks, they are starting to get personalities and energy all their own, so within the next couple of weeks we will be able to identify the best puppy for the best owner.

They began their journey with solid food in their third week, starting with puppy formula/milk replacement, mixed with soft canned puppy food.  Once they were accustomed to licking that from the dish, we thickened the mixture, then transitioned to straight canned soft puppy food.  The next step was to add solid puppy food in with the soft canned food.  I will let them eat the mixture for another week or so before they are transitioned to just straight dry puppy food.  There is some footage of them eating and plying in this week’s video:

Although mother Mae is not present in the video, she is still in the kennel with them, so they are also nursing on her in addition to my feedings, plus sneaking dry adult dog food from mom’s dish and drinking from the water bowl.

They still spend plenty of time sleeping in the dog house, but they are now balancing that with time in the kennel yard playing with their littermates.  Their bodies are getting strong enough to where they will soon be expected to explore in the woods outside of their kennel.

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