The puppies’ eyes are nearly open all the way and they are sometimes getting up on their feet and moving around a little.  This is the last week of only nursing from Mae, as they will be introduced to solid food (if you can call it that, it is really mush) at 3 weeks old.  Soon they will be too big for the whelping box and will be moving outside into a kennel and doghouse.  I am not for certain when that move will be, it is really dictated by the development of the puppies and their ability to get around.

Here’s the latest video, taken on Sunday:

I decided against the Roman names for the time of their birth (near the Ides of March) and opted for Spanish names in honor of the day they are ready to go home: Cinco de Mayo.  Keep in mind that these nicknames are only for reference to tell them apart and I don’t actually call them by these names.

For all of the future owners of these little gems, prepare to come and collect them the weekend of May 5-6.  If your puppy will be traveling by air cargo, it will fly on Monday, May 7th.  I will not be making decisions on placement until around 6-7 weeks old, because as of right now it isn’t as clear what their personality, aptitudes or physical makeup will be.  We love all of them and think they are all going to be terrific hunting dogs and family companions!!

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