All of the puppies are spoken for, feel free to email to inquire about future litters.  Our next breedings are planned for Spring 2018.  Please do not be discouraged if it takes me a long time to respond, this has been a busy time for us!

How can it be that these guys are seven weeks old already!?!  It has been cold here the last week or so and I haven’t had a chance to take a new video.  It is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so I will be sure to get on that sometime between then and the end of the weekend.  I was able to get my hands on some live quail, so they can see one of those if I can track down my bird harness.  But in the meantime, I pulled out some frozen dead quail last weekend for them to sniff and drag around.

With all of the action, I didn’t get great shots of everyone.  Oh and I did get all of my homes picked out too, which is always difficult and a relief when it is over.  So here are the new photos from the weekend with the quail.



Malcolm is going across town to Elkhorn, Nebraska



Macduff (in the back) is also going across town to West Omaha



Margaret will call Texas home



Mildred will stay with us and become Bluestem Peaches en Regalia “Ruth”



Medea is going down to Oklahoma



Madame Defarge will go to the windswept plains of Wyoming



Madeline, on our left, will head north to Minnesota

I will try to get a video posted over the weekend, we go to the vet on Monday, then homegoings start a week from today!