"B" Litter: Week 2

Once the snow started flying last weekend, we moved Sue and the puppies inside, as it appears that the temperature is going to continue to fluctuate substantially and it is easier for me to check on them this way.  They are very uniform, all weighing in right around 3 pounds.  We had a checkup with the veterinarian this week and he stated that these are very robust puppies, even for the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed.  He prescribed Sue some additional vitamin supplements in order to help her support a very demanding litter.  Sue seems to be holding up well and is doing her job.

It was exciting to pick up the puppies this morning to see that half of the litter has their eyes open!  I shot this video a couple of days ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_mVlP9iMno

Here are their individual snapshots:

Bluestem Bart

Bluestem Bart's Face - eyes beginning to open

Bluestem Bess

Bluestem Bess's Face - eyes opening

Bluestem Ben

Bluestem Ben - eyes open

Bluestem Buster

Bluestem Buster's Face - eyes open

Bluestem Betty

Bluestem Betty's Face - eyes beginning to open

Bluestem Barb

Bluestem Barb's Face - eyes open

We received some exciting news yesterday, in that our new female puppy has been born in Quebec!  So a couple of weeks after these little ones go home, I will get to travel to Canada to pick her up!