The litter in the outdoor dog house/whelping box, with the top off

Announcing the Bluestem Kennels YouTube Channel!  You can either follow this link to the channel: or simply type bluestemkennels (as all one word) into the search field.  I have uploaded a little video that I took of the puppies on Wednesday (while it was still warm out), along with a hunting video of Sue and a “first hunt” video from one of last year’s puppies.

The puppies have grown and changed so much already in a week, it is amazing how fast things happen.  Speaking of quick changes, we’ve been on a weather rollercoaster here, going from the highs of the 50’s and 60’s then to the 20’s today.  That’s February in Nebraska for you!

For any casual readers looking for a puppy, this litter is all spoken for, but please let me know if you are interested in a pup from next year’s litter.

For my reserved buyers, please do not ask to make a pick at this time or start getting attached to any particular puppy based on these photos.  They are for informational purposes only.  The distances and perspectives are not the same on the individual photos, so size will not be distinguishable.  I am weighing and measuring the puppies, but will only release weights, measures and litter rank during the final selection process, which will be at 5-6 weeks of age.

Sue and the litter in our indoor dog studio (aka the laundry room)

The puppies will be coming home to you at 8 weeks of age, which falls on the weekend of April 16-17, so if you are planning on traveling to us to pick up the puppy you now have that information.  If the puppy is being shipped air cargo, it will go out Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

Time for some individual introductions of the puppies:

Male: Bluestem Bart

Bluestem Bart’s face

Female: Bluestem Bess

Bluestem Bess’s face

Male: Bluestem Ben

Bluestem Ben’s face

Male: Bluestem Buster

I didn’t get a face shot of Buster, but in my notes it says that he has an all-brown face with a white spot above his nose.

Female: Bluestem Betty

Bluestem Betty’s face

Female: Bluestem Barb

Bluestem Barb’s face

Like a good mother, Sue gets very upset when one of the puppies is away from the litter to be photographed, so taking the individual pictures is only a once a week event.  I look forward to sharing the amazing changes that will happen to these puppies over the next seven weeks, now in both video and still photos!