All of the new owners who drove have made it home safe and sound.The last word from California was that Hank and Female 2.2 were asleep at home on the couch together; I wish I had a picture of that:)

Pete from Nevada also made it home yesterday.  Alpha Male “Whiskey” did not have any potty accidents in the truck or in any hotels.  Whiskey is following his 8-year old daughter around everywhere she goes, I’m sure he remembers all of the love from my 9-year old girl.

I was so excited to receive pictures of Male 3 “Winston” at home in Minnesota meeting the other family members.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies

Winston meets Stella the German Wirehair Pointer

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies

Winston meets the cat

I will have to check in later on today with Stephen from Rhode Island to see how things are going there with Male 2.2.  Right now, I need to get ready to go pick up my daughter from Girl Scout camp.

One last note though, in case you haven’t been counting, I have 3 pups left to go home.  Female 2.1 should fly on Tuesday, I will meet Male 2.1’s family when I go to pick up my son from grandma camp, and Alpha Female boards with me until July 8 when she flies home.