This morning, Caleb and I made a roadtrip to Des Moines with Male 3.  The new owners drove from Minnesota and met us there.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies

My car prisoners

I was able to reap the benefits from the crate training myself today.  Caleb fussed more than the dog did (Caleb is typically a better traveler, but he was missing his older brother and sister at camp, who normally entertain him).

While Kelvin, Nancy and I were visiting at a park in Des Moines, Caleb and the pup headed for a giant mud puddle.  I called to Caleb and Kelvin called the pup at the same time.  “I wonder who will come back first?” he asked.

There was no question in my mind about my answer, “the dog.”

Sure enough, the pup came to Kelvin and I had to run after Caleb:)  It is so exciting to see the fruits of my labor first hand.

Nancy, Kelvin and Male 3 "Winston"

It warms my heart to see these critters going to such great homes.