The “N” Litter is all in their new homes!  I missed a couple of photos in the process, sorry to BJ from Tennessee who took home Norman and Robert from Oklahoma who took home Nichole for spacing that off!!  Here is everyone else:


Rick from Virginia flew Nicholas back to his new home


Alan from Missouri takes home Namaste


Paul and his wife take Nellie home to Texas


Jayce and Noah on their way home to Iowa.  This is Jayce’s second Bluestem pup.


Eric and his wife took Nefertiti to the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Lori took Newman across town to West Omaha.  This is her second Bluestem pup.


Scott and his gal took Nettie home to Missouri

I hope that everyone does great with their new pups!  We are having the same experiences too with our own new little one, Stonyridge Zoro.  My husband Charles and son Conrad went and picked him up in Wisconsin the same day that the “N” Litter started to go home.  The slideshow play or you can flip through the photos manually.

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And what all of the new “O” litter owners have been waiting for, new photos of their little ones!  They are just over three weeks old and will be ready to go home May 19-20.  They are all spoken for at this time, but feel free to drop a quick note to to be placed on the contact list in the event that someone drops out.  Here is a video that I took of them in the whelping box having some breakfast:

You can click on the photos in the mosaic below to see them full size.  The pups are currently eating canned food and are up on their legs more.  Depending on how the weather goes, they will be able to move into the outdoor kennel within the next week to week and a half.  Also in that time, we will transition from canned food to kibble.