At this time, all 2018 puppies are spoken for.  Please email if you would like to be placed on the contact list in case anyone backs out.

This is where it all just gets sort of absurd.  Females who live together tend to cycle together.  So those of us who only breed for spring puppies due to fall hunting are very busy right now.  Right now the “N” Litter puppies are coming it at around 8-10 pounds, so it is like having a gang of small terriers to hang out with.  Then there’s the “O” Litter puppies, they are like hoagie buns with legs at a little under a week old.

Right now my life is kids and dogs.  I’m always messing with one or the other.  I have to make sure that “O” Litter mama Fire gets plenty of trips outside and is fed and watered at all times.  The big puppies want to run and play and eat and poop.  We have the run and play covered with the 3/4 acre fenced yard, but the food demands and sanitation needs seem to be never-ending.  The weekly process of de-worming is always a lightly organized wrestling match.

I’ll start with the “N” Litter photos at 7 weeks old!  We go for first shots, microchips and health exams on Wednesday.  It would probably take me an hour to label these with names my youngest son’s birthday party is in seven hours and I still need to spend time with these guys, frost and decorate a cake, wrap presents and clean my house.  So along with making a new video, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  But I wanted you guys to at least have some new still pics.


“O” Litter Photos

Not much going on in the whelping box but nursing, scooting around, squeaking and pooping.  They will be one week old on Saturday.


It is time to keep moving.  I’ll put together an “N” Litter video and try to label as many of those pictures as I can sometime tomorrow.  I should also do a puppy supplies and training materials post soon.  And of course, these guys need to carry around some dead birds.  Until then, enjoy these sweet little faces!