At this time, all puppies are spoken for, but feel free to email in the event that someone backs out.

We had quite a swing in the weather over the last week!  The puppies have been outside for a little over a week and for the first 5 days they did not want to come out of the dog house even though it was 75 last Wednesday.  I am not one to force things as it was totally normal for that age.  But by the time they were acclimated to the environment change, we got hit with a big snow storm and cold snap and I didn’t want to bother them with photos then either.  So it was finally nice enough yesterday and they were feeling confident enough to come out of both the dog house and kennel.  There are too many cute photos to share them individually, so I’m going to put them in a slide show for you.

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At this point the puppies are eating both canned food and nibbling on mom’s solid food.  I feed Diamond Naturals for both.  Also mom has stopped cleaning up after them, so now it is my job to scoop everyone’s poop and wash the kennel twice a day.

I need to think about digging out my kid’s cap gun to start snapping off around them and thaw out a dead quail or two for them to play with.  I may or may not be able to get my hands on a live bird for them to check out, so I need to reach out to my bird people as well.  Now that they are outside and getting into stuff, I need to keep after the de-worming since there are squirrels and raccoons and such that poop in the woods.

Here is the video from today:

But the most important thing is for me to keep playing with them and loving them and having fun with them.  Which is easy to do!  Until next week…