All of the puppies are spoken for at this time, please email if you wish to be placed on the backup contact list should anyone back out.

The puppies are getting bigger, their eyes are starting to open and they are beginning to scoot about the box more and more.  They have moved out of my laundry room into my garage kennel, where they and mom all have more space.  The garage kennel is a 5 foot by 10 foot kennel with a 5 foot by 5 foot wooden whelping box with cedar chips.  The area is heated by both a space heater and a heat lamp.  Fire (mom) also has enough space to take a break from the puppies if she needs to, in addition to being let into the yard every few hours.


Chowing down


Fire and pups

With the puppies’ eyes all open next week, we’ll be ready for litter names and individual photos for the puppies!

Here is this week’s video: