At this time all of the puppies are spoken for, but feel free to email to be put on the backup list.

This litter was planned for next year, but I was down with a knee injury late November through early December, so the kids and husband were taking care of the dogs.  Fire was in heat and someone wasn’t paying attention.

9 puppies were born on Wednesday, January 25th and I lost a couple the first day (which is typical) so now I have 7 fat healthy puppies.  Two males and five females.

I am working throughout the day on getting updated pictures and a video (sorry new owners, I know I was supposed to do it yesterday but I got busy), but here is the pic of right after they were born with mama and at the vet before getting tails and claws done.


Fire and the newborn puppies


1 day old at the vet

You will be shocked to see how much they have grown in a week!  Back to work, so I can get you some updates!