I have an owner of one of our now 4 year-old pups, “Roxy” from our “B” litter, who has a litter on the ground right now that are ready to go home in two weeks.  There are three males available from this litter in Logan, Utah.  I do not have the health clearances or hunt testing records from the parents, but know that the dam is from our Sam and Sue.  Please contact Randy at (435) 713-0847 or randyfeser@yahoo.com if you are looking for a male pup.  He will be through Omaha in a few weeks, so if you need to meet him here or points in between, he can arrange for that.  I am in no way involved in this breeding and am only posting this notification as a courtesy.  Please do not contact me in regards to this litter, as I have no information.

Individual puppy photos

We are at that time where we start looking at which pup goes into what home.  I have a few in mind, but will need the future owners input to help select the rest.  If I’ve accepted a deposit from you, please e-mail bluestemkennels@cox.net with your preferences.   If the puppy is marked with a preference being indicated, I’ve already been in contact with the future owners about the designation.  Those of you who I have not contacted directly, please forward any preferences that you have based on the photos to the above e-mail.  To anyone who is currently puppy shopping, all of these puppies have homes reserved.

All of the pups will be microchipped an vaccinated on Monday, May 4, so I need to have my picks finalized by Sunday.  I realize that this is a difficult process for all of us, but I haven’t had anyone complain about my picks yet.  So here we go with the pictures.   Due to the order that the photos were taken in, it is easier to put the “J” litter (Sam x BB) first, even though they were born second this year.

Jenna profile (female)

Jenna profile (female) [Evans – Missouri]

Jenna back (female)

Jenna back (female) [Evans – Missouri]

Jasmine face

Jasmine face (female) [Weinberg – Nebraska]

Jasmine profile

Jasmine profile (female) [Weinberg – Nebraska]

Jasmine back

Jasmine back (female) [Weinberg – Nebraska]

Jackie face (female)

Jackie face (female) [Weaver – Colorado]

Jackie profile (female)

Jackie profile (female) [Weaver – Colorado]

Jackie back (female)

Jackie back (female) [Weaver – Colorado]

Jane face (female)

Jane face (female) [Fadum – Colorado]

Jane profile (female)

Jane profile (female) [Fadum – Colorado]

Jane back (female)

Jane back (female) [Fadum – Colorado]

Joslyn face (female)

Joslyn face (female) [Sinnott – Iowa]

Joslyn profile (female)

Joslyn profile (female) [Sinnott – Iowa]

Joslyn back (female)

Joslyn back (female) [Sinnott – Iowa]

Jade face (female)

Jade face (female) [Campbell – Nebraska]

Jade profile (female)

Jade profile (female) [Campbell – Nebraska]

Jade back (female)

Jade back (female) [Campbell – Nebraska]

Jericho face (female)

Jericho face (female) [Starner – Nebraska]

Jericho profile (female)

Jericho profile (female) [Starner – Nebraska]

Jericho back (female)

Jericho back (female) [Starner – Nebraska]

Jackson face (female) [I have a home in mind for this pup]

Jackson face (female) [Thieman – Nebraska]

Jackson profile (female) [I have a home in mind for this pup]

Jackson profile (female) [Thieman – Nebraska]

Jackson back (female)

Jackson back (female) [Thieman – Nebraska]

Janus face (male)

Janus face (male) [Epler – Nebraska]

Janus profile (male)

Janus profile (male) [Epler – Nebraska]

Janus back (male)

Janus back (male) [Epler – Nebraska]

Jamaica face (female)

Jamaica face (female) [Horak – Nebraska]

Jamaica profile (female)

Jamaica profile (female) [Horak – Nebraska]

Jamaica back (female)

Jamaica back (female) [Horak – Nebraska]

Jessica face (female)

Jessica face (female) [Kosbab – North Dakota]

Jessica profile (female)

Jessica profile (female) [Kosbab – North Dakota]

Jessica back (female)

Jessica back (female) [Kosbab – North Dakota]

Next comes the “I” Litter from Ben and Velma!

Ivan face (male)

Ivan face (male) [Christofferson – North Dakota]

Ivan profile (male)

Ivan profile (male) [Christofferson – North Dakota]

Ivan back (male)

Ivan back (male) [Christofferson – North Dakota]

Igor face (male)

Igor face (male) [Aubert – Minnesota]

Igor profile (male)

Igor profile (male) [Aubert – Minnesota]

Igor back (male)

Igor back (male) [Aubert – Minnesota]

Ichabod face (male) [I have a home in mind for this pup]

Ichabod face (male) [Walters – Nebraska]

Ichabod profile (male) [I have a home in mind for this pup]

Ichabod profile (male) [Walters – Nebraska]

Ichabod back (male) [I have a home in mind for this pup]

Ichabod back (male) [Walters – Nebraska]

Iris face (female)

Iris face (female) [Haaseth – South Dakota]

Iris profile (female)

Iris profile (female) [Haaseth – South Dakota]

Iris back (female)

Iris back (female) [Haaseth – South Dakota]

Isabel face (female)

Isabel face (female) [Hiserote – Iowa]

Irene profile (female)

Isabel profile (female) [Hiserote – Iowa]

Isabel back (female)

Isabel back (female) [Hiserote – Iowa]

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Iroquois (male) We are keeping this pup.

Irene face (female)

Irene face (female) [Sandru – Colorado]

Irene profile (female)

Irene profile (female) [Sandru – Colorado]

Irene back (female)

Irene back (female) [Sandru – Colorado]

That was really exhausting and it is getting late.  I will get the video and pupdates posted within the next few days.