Sorry for the delay in announcement, but things are busy here!  We did not have to induce Mae because she and I got up Tuesday morning and walked 2 miles between 5 and 6 AM, then another 3 miles at midday.  Her first puppy was born at around 5:30 PM and her last live birth was around 11 PM.  She had 5 healthy live births, 3 boys and 2 girls.  There were two stillborns, the second puppy born which was small and malformed, then the last puppy born sometime in the night, which was about the size of a three week old puppy hence Mae’s misleadingly large size.  Mae did a wonderful job whelping her last litter.  She has been a terrific natural whelper and great mother to the three litters she has had with us.  I was very glad to have her go into labor on her own, as I am a big proponent of natural birth in all living things.  All three of my kids were born naturally with nurse midwives.  So I guess this makes me a dog midwife, huh?  With this being my eighth litter, I’m starting to feel like a pro.

Well, here they are!  I haven’t handled them much, so I can’t yet pick out the boys from the girls.  They had their tails and dew claws done on Wednesday, along with being inspected by the veterinarian.  Everyone checked out so we’ll hope for smooth sailing from here on out!


Four day old "H" Litter puppies

Four day old “H” Litter puppies

And a quick YouTube video:

Bluestem Kennels Wirehaired Pointing Griffons “H” Litter 4 days old

Today is my son Caleb’s 5th birthday and my mom is in town for the weekend for a visit, so I had better run.  I will get my last post up about “G” litter before they head to their new homes along with some pupdates sometime during the week.