I figured that I had better get this week’s blog post knocked out before Mae starts whelping (to those who are puppy shopping, all of my 2014 litters are spoken for and my next breedings will be for Spring 2015 puppies)!  We started out this morning in the first stages of pre-labor, where there is quite a bit of unproductive grunting around (like she’s going to poop or pee) but nothing comes out.  She is taking a nap now, but I have to get this done, then go grab a new bulb for my heat lamp and some more bags of puppy kibble at the farm store, then we’ll be ready to rock and roll.  Puppies should be here tonight or tomorrow if things go the way that I think they will.  But who knows what mother nature has in mind, it might be over the weekend.

Mae full of babies on the front sidewalk (the metal goat photobomb was an accident)

Mae full of babies on the front sidewalk (the metal goat photobomb was an accident)

“G” Litter turned 5 weeks old on Sunday and has transitioned to the kennel and insulated dog house well, their body heat and snuggling keeps them all warm with these variable temperatures.  They’ve even woken up a couple of mornings to dustings of snow.  It didn’t seem to bother them this morning at all, they were whining at the gate to get out into the woods when I went to give them some more food.  They are going through 1-2 gallon buckets full of kibble every day and are on straight Diamond Puppy kibble now with nothing else added.  They enjoy playing with the human kids and running around.  Less than 3 weeks to go until they go to their new homes and I’m not sure if I am ready to let them go!  I don’t even have to chase them around the woods to get them back into the kennel when play time is over, I just call them in and they all come.  That will probably change soon as they get more bold and independent.

Here are their individual photos for this week.  Some of them are better than others.  It has more to do with my photography and being in a hurry than it does with the puppy.  Some of them posed lovely, some of them are a bit odd and blurry.  But hey, it is better than nothing.

Girl - Ginny

Girl – Ginny

Girl - Garnet

Girl – Garnet

Girl - Gayle

Girl – Gayle

Girl - Gertrude

Girl – Gertrude

Girl - Gemma

Girl – Gemma

Girl - Gabriella

Girl – Gabriella

Girl - Gallixe

Girl – Gallixe

Girl - Gisele

Girl – Gisele

Boy - Gene

Boy – Gene

Boy - Gus

Boy – Gus

Boy - George

Boy – George

Boy - Gascon

Boy – Gascon

Boy - Gilbert

Boy – Gilbert

And last but not least, the weekly YouTube video:

I will keep you posted on Facebook and on the blog for when the “H” litter arrives.  Wish us luck!