The last of the puppies went home on Saturday, August 4th.  There was a mad rush on Sunday, July 28th, three puppies went home in two hours!  Hence amidst that chaos, I forgot to take pictures of two out of three families.  Darryl went home to Illinois with Kyle and Jenna, who will be married in September.  Then David went home with Brian, Mindy and their two boys to south central Nebraska.  If you guys can send me pictures, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Dottie stays in the Omaha metro with Rick’s family

Doris will make her home in northwestern Iowa with Shane and family

Don went to northwestern Missouri with Dustin’s family

Daisy will live with Rob’s family in Illinois

Aaron’s family drove all the way from Ohio to collect Derry

The day before the puppies started going home, I worked with them individually on exposing them to a live quail:

Yesterday was spent devoting our attention to the adult dogs.  Charles has been working quite a bit with training BB and Sam for the AKC Senior Hunter test, but it had been a long while since all four dogs were out on a run.  So we loaded the kids and dogs up yesterday and marched them around.  Then we came back for a dog spa day, everyone was groomed and bathed.  Tonight Cordelia and I will take BB and Mae to conformation handling (dog show) practice.  It will be Mae’s first time practicing, so it should be interesting to see how it goes.

Of course, we are busy planning our hunting season, which begins in 25 days!

Good luck to all of the new owners with their puppies and do not hesitate to ask any questions if you have any!  I will be focused on writing about the basics of griffon care for the next couple of weeks and need to get Charles motivated to start posting on Versatile Hunter.

Here’s some cute pictures of TracHer in North Dakota, a puppy from our “C” litter earlier in the year.  Susan and Tom are doing such a great job with her!

TracHer with flowers, female Wirehaired Pointing Griffon at 4 months

TracHer on the training table, female Wirehaired Pointing Griffon at 5 months