As I’ve failed to take any pictures of Sue with the good camera this week and they are all on my phone, I thought I would attempt a post from my phone. I apologize if it is low rent.

It has been in the mid-eighties and low nineties here during the day, which is nice to go fishing and swimming in, but not nice to do too much dog running. Considering that Sue is due to whelp any day, most of our dog time has been spent in the yard sitting in the shade with the kiddie pool out.

Sue was really whiny today, her temperature was 100 degrees (which is low for a dog) and she really slowed down, so I think the time is very near. I put her in the whelping area where the kids can’t bother her. So we’ll keep waiting, it could just be a bump in the road to the finish.



In other excitement, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture inspected us today and approved our license as a commercial breeder. We will be the only licensed Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeders in the state. The license also grants us the right to own as many dogs as we wish, so of course we are dreaming of our next puppy!

I hope to have news of Sue’s whelping for you soon, so keep your ears on the airwaves!