Plenty to look forward to here at Bluestem Kennels this spring!  Mae has grown quite large and is now living in the house full time.

Pregnant Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Female

How Mae spends a good part of her time these days

As large as she is, I expect a big litter, but we will know more when we take her in for x-rays the week of March 5th.  I’m projecting her whelping date sometime around March 15th, so we are all getting excited for puppies!

Her pregnancy wasn’t an excuse for her to not participate in the family/pack hike yesterday.

Pregnant Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Female Running

Big Mama Mae on the move

Beautiful Day in Nebraska

Sunday was a gorgeous day to get everyone out

Now that bird hunting season is over, we’ll be out hiking more.  Things at the preserve that we’ve guided at in the past have dried up this year, as there is a late season pen-raised pheasant shortage in the area.

We are still waiting for Sue to come into season, it really should be any time now, as we’re right at 6 months from her last cycle and she cycles twice a year.  Yet Mother Nature has control and I don’t, so I’ll just try to be patient.  It is better for me to have a gap in between the two litters anyway, so that they aren’t of the age when I’m trying to work with them on different skills (between 5 1/2 and 8 weeks) at the same time.

We are also anxious for our dog painting to come home to us in the fall.  Minnesota artist Carl Melichar of Countryside Art Gallery painted an oil on linen of Sam holding a rooster pheasant.  The painting was unveiled last weekend in Kansas City at Pheasant Fest, the National Pheasants Forever Convention and Carl will have it on tour with him over the spring, summer and early fall.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Painting

The big announcement

Carl Melichar Countryside Art Gallery

Charles and Carl chat at his booth at Pheasant Fest, the painting is on the easel to the left

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon with rooster painting

The painting of Sam holding a rooster

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on our progress with puppy season, thanks for your support and send some good vibes our way for a problem-free whelping.