After my long absence, I thought I had better get my blog on or I might never come back!  A little over a week ago I finished up a two week roadtrip with my mother and three children that included six states, four national parks, two state parks and the Pacific Ocean.  It was quite an adventure and took a lot out of all of us.  Now it’s time to gear up for the kids back in school and hunting season!

Charles worked with BB on fetch while I was gone and says that she is doing very well.  He has also been working on his shooting game at the skeet range.  Today we took the dogs for an exercise run at the local dog training wildlife management area.  Everyone is looking good!

The family out on a walk

Dogs in the field

Sam, our three year old male, sniffs the ground

Sue, our seven year old female

BB, our five month old female, is growing rather leggy and now weighs 35 lbs.

BB in action

BB taking a break in the shade

Sam and Sue taking a break in the shade

We recently received an updated photograph of Duke from our most recent litter that went home in April, taken while he and his boss were boating and fishing up in South Dakota.  He knows where the comfortable spot is!

"Is it hunting season yet? I'm not very good at fishing"