I have managed to work daily with “BB” on sit, stay, release (I use “okay” as the release command).  She does great on stay and release, but doesn’t have the “sit” pose down just yet.  So, after the command “sit” I push down on her rear and lift her chin just slightly, to put her in the position that I want.  I then give the “stay” command (you could also use “whoa”) with the stop hand signal.  Right now, I’m backing away facing the dog, so that I can catch her if she moves, but eventually I should be able to walk away with my back turned to her and she shouldn’t move.  Here’s a shot of her enjoying the “doggy pool” on a hot day this week:

BB cools off at 13 weeks

Summer is here and with it comes so many distractions!  All three kids are home, Charles just had a week-long break and the heat and humidity have gone off the charts here!   Another glitch in our training is that the private land that we normally use for water and light field work is underwater from the Missouri River flooding.  It is supposed to crest around June 15th, after a major release of water from Gavin’s Point Dam and they are projecting a record crest.  Our prayers go out to all who are being affected.

Stranded RV on River Road, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

I received a puppy update from Kyle in Nevada, via an e-mail from his father, Stan (who’s as sharp as a tack in his 80’s).  Stan reported that “Shady Lady” is up to 24 pounds and did some great tracking and retrieving practice up in Montana with Kyle.  Stan says it best, here’s the quote from the e-mail, “The other day in Montana she found and retrieved the hidden pheasant wing from 100 feet downwind!  Dropped it at Kyle’s feet!  Sign us ………. “Happy”.  I always appreciate the great updates and photos from my puppy owners; thanks Stan and Kyle!

Shady Lady from our "B" litter at 3 1/2 months