Wow, the puppies sure have changed and grown in the last week!  Right after I shot the video last week, they began escaping their “sandbox” in the laundry room and were running amok.  Luckily, mother nature worked in my favor and made it nice enough to move them back outside.  Initially, they remained in the dog house with the door flap closed, but the kids and I brought them out to play for the almost 70 degree weather yesterday and they’ve decided that outside is where it is at!

I’ve constructed a rock ramp for them to get in and out of the dog house and have opened the door.  Naturally, in the event of a weather change, I will hustle them back into the dog house and close the flap so they aren’t going in and out (unless they are so motivated that they push the door open).

They have started to eat mush consisting of Iams puppy food watered down with puppy milk replacer.  Today (Friday 03/18), I was able to get a video of them eating  I was also getting a little disgusted at the resolution of my YouTube videos, so I’m hoping that these new settings on the camera and software improve things!

Here are their face shots this week, too cute!!

Bluestem Barb

Bluestem Bart

Bluestem Ben

Bluestem Bess

Bluestem Betty

Bluestem Buster

With the lovely weather and the active puppies, I was able to shoot a nice long video (taken Thursday, 03/17), so I’ll let you take a look at that in place of body shots: They are all weighing in at right around 5 pounds and are just a joy to be around for my entire family!  We are half way to getting them to their new homes and we’re planning on enjoying our time playing with and conditioning them!