Sorry for the blog neglect, I’ve been fighting off the seasonal illnesses.  I did receive a great update from Stephen in Rhode Island about the pup he called “Griffen”, known as Male 2.2 of my 2010 litter.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Griffen is doing great. He is a very happy and active 6 month old. I have been training him all summer for hunting season, he is very smart and catches on quickly. I take him in the woods as much as possible he loves it. Only been out hunting a couple of times so far this season, he did well for a young dog. Here are a few pictures of him. I will send you more during hunting season .”

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Griffen (Male 2.2 2010 litter) at 6 months

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Griffen in the forests of Rhode Island

For the breeding being a complete outcross, I am very happy with the uniformity of the three pups that I have seen recent photographs of.  There are photos forthcoming from Sean and Amber in Wyoming that I am also very excited to see.  I hope that the owners keep the updates coming!

Charles did get a nice buck out in the Sandhills and went out for deer again here in Eastern Nebraska this weekend, but didn’t see anything that met his liking.  He was more excited to flush up a woodcock on his hunt yesterday than anything else.   Our freezer is near capacity anyway, so I was not upset.  He was going to head out for birds today, but decided to stick around the house for a change.

Give thanks for our hunting heritage!