Southeastern Nebraska’s prairie chicken population has recovered to the point of having a limited season.  Hunters who apply for the tags are limited to three prairie chicken for the whole season, Sept. 18-Jan. 31.  Charles, Sam and Sue ventured down last weekend and were able to scare up a few flocks.

What surprised me was to hear his report of the habitat that they occupy.  I assumed that the prairie chicken would be the same as pheasants, favoring heavy bunches of tallgrass.  They actually are more commonly found in the shorter, more sparse brome grass.  Similar to the chicken and grouse in the Sandhills, they are most commonly found on the sides of hills.

Here are Sam, Charles, and Sue, with a couple of prairie chicken roosters, while Caleb looks on.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Some great Wirehaired Pointing Griffons!