Alpha Female took the direct flight from Omaha to Atlanta this morning.  The last word from the happy new owner was that “Maggie” was laying in his lap as he was driving back to Alabama.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies

My last goodbye for the year

Kudos to Delta Pet First/Air Cargo for the shipping of these pups.  Every pup showed up on time and well handled.  The guys at the Omaha facility were helpful in every way.  I plan on working with them exclusively for my air shipments going forward (I did not receive any compensation for that plug, it is an honest recommendation).

I’m trying hard to keep myself from looking at the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy ads online.  There is a female pup out there that I have my eye on, but I should really hold out to see if we can get a foundation animal next year from either Holland or France.

My blog writing calendar is going to become a little more sporadic now that the puppies are gone.  I’m looking forward to doing some book reviews, pup training articles, pedigree profiles and adult dog training updates before the hunting season starts, but my three kids would really like to soak up some of my attention now that the pups are gone.

Charles and Sam will be working on “steady to wing and shot” at the NAVHDA Heartland Chapter’s training day on Saturday, so that will be my next installment.  Until then…